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The Sunday Telegraph

Tim Walker


A Class Apart. If there has ever been a more sublimely performed, choreographed, orchestrated and costumed musical in the past twenty-five years, then I certainly haven't seen it. A musical like this comes round once in a lifetime.

The Wall Street Journal

Paul Levy

Hordes of hoofers carry out Bill Deamerʼs coruscating tribute choreography which is both imaginative and authentic-looking.

The Independent on Sunday

Kate Bassett

Itʼs hard to resist the retro romance of Irving Berlinʼs tunes, fabulous dance routines and charming stars.

The tap dancing is pretty dazzling, choreographed by Bill Deamer. Itʼs legerdepied really: from the waist up, an air of nonchalant idling, while the feet are a blur of patent leather, rapping out punctilious beats. The chorus routines sound like a crescendoing war dance with sycopated machine guns.

The Times

Libby Purves

Likeability, beloved songs and breathtaking dance.

The Daily Telegraph

Charles Spencer

Top Hats Off to a highly engaging evening! The big dance numbers are skilfully choreographed by Bill Deamer, especially the climactic first-act closer, ʻTop Hat White Tie and Tailsʼ which has a couple of dozen hoofers, immaculately dressed as the title dictates and tapping their hearts out with terrific panache.

The Guardian

Michael Billington

One simply waits patiently for the next Irving Berlin number or elegant dance routine to come along. Bill Deamerʼs choreography is at itʼs inventive best in Berlinʼs catchy, cod-venetian number The Piccolino.

The Sunday Express

Mark Shenton

Irving Berlin classics like ʻPuttin On The Ritzʼ and ʻIsnʼt This a Lovely Dayʼ make for a lovely night to be caught at The Aldwych, as both the show and itʼs spectators float effortlessly in the pleasures of Bill Deamerʼs lavishly staged production numbers.

The Daily Express

Julie Carpenter

The often fantastic choreography is reminiscent of the original routines.

The Evening Standard

Henry Hitchings

Enjoyably frivolous reworking of Fred Astaireʼs song and dance.
Bill Deamerʼs choreography is complex but well focused. A large cast perform with gusto.

Time Out

Sam Marlowe

Sublime Irving Berlin score... The music is gorgeous. Bill Deamerʼs choreography responds with twinkling delight.


Michael Coveney

Bill Deamerʼs choreography is witty and disciplined.

The Sunday Times

Christopher Hart

ʻStrictly Come For The Dancingʼ
Top Hat is pretty, sometimes witty and bright-but itʼs the tippity-tap fun thatʼs the draw. The dancing is superabundant, although of great technical accomplishment, choreographed by Bill Deamer. During Top Hat itself, we end up with more than twenty dancers on stage all tapping in perfect unison.

The Sound of Music

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Daily Mail

Emily Sheridan


The hills are most definitely alive

The Stage

Mark Shenton


It’s difficult to contemplate a more beautiful or better sung production of this all-time classic – a real joy

Doug Mayo


Deamer’s choreography of the children is fluid and takes the marching of the Von Trapps and transforms it into the movement of fun-loving children.


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